Important note

Please be informed that the Company has changed its name from Rothschilds Continuation Finance B.V. to Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. on 1 November 2018.


Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. is a private company with limited liability incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands.

On January 1, 2009 new rules further implementing the European Transparency Directive 2004/109/EC ("TD") came into force. The TD is incorporated in the Dutch Act on Financial Supervision (Wet op het Financieel Toezicht) ("AFS") and various implementing decrees. The new rules apply to companies whose shares or debt securities are traded on any regulated market within the European Economic Area ("EEA").

Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. is domiciled in the Netherlands and has issued debt securities which are listed on a regulated market within the EEA, therefore these new rules also apply to Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V.

The information available on this website is the information Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. needs to make publicly available under the above mentioned rules.


Als gevolg van de inwerkingtreding van de Implementatiewet wijziging richtlijn transparantie is Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. op grond van artikel 25a lid 2 van de wet financieel toezicht, gehouden om bekend te maken wat haar zogeheten lidstaat van herkomst is. Voor Rothschild & Co Continuation Finance B.V. met statutaire zetel in Amsterdam en notering aan Luxembourg Stock Exchange is dat Nederland.

Interest rates

DescriptionDocument reference
$ 200.000.000 October 3, 2018$200.000.000 October 03, 2018
$ 200.000.000 March 30, 2018$200.000.000 March 30, 2018
$ 200.000.000 September 29, 2017$200.000.000 September 29, 2017
$ 200.000.000 March 30, 2017$200.000.000 March 30, 2017
$ 200.000.000 September 30, 2016$200.000.000 September 30, 2016
$ 200.000.000 March 30, 2016$200.000.000 March 30, 2016
$ 200.000.000 September 30, 2015$200.000.000 September 30, 2015
$ 200.000.000 March 30, 2015$200.000.000 March 30, 2015
$ 200.000.000 September 30, 2014$200.000.000 September 30, 2014


DescriptionDocument reference
Announcement Company name changeAnnouncement 1 November 2018
Unaudited semi-annual report 2018RCF interim report 25092018
Annual Accounts December 2017RCF statutory report 31122017
Unaudited semi-annual report 2017RCF interim report 30092017
Annual Accounts March 2017RCF statutory report 31032017
Unaudited semi-annual report 2016RCF interim report 30092016
Annual Accounts March 2016RCF statutory report 31032016
Unaudited semi-annual report 2015RCF interim report 30092015
Annual Accounts March 2015 RCF statutory report 31032015
Unaudited semi-annual report 2014RCF interim report 30092014
Annual Accounts March 2014 RCF statutory report 31032014
Unaudited semi-annual report 2013RCF interim report 30092013
Annual Accounts March 2013RCF statutory report 31032013
Unaudited semi-annual report 2012RCF interim report 30092012
Annual Accounts March 2012RCF statutory report 31032012
Unaudited semi-annual report 2011RCF interim report 30092011
Annual Accounts March 2011RCF statutory report 31032011
Annual Accounts 2009/2010RCF statutory report 31032010
Annual Accounts 2008/2009RCF statutory report 31032009
Unaudited semi-annual report 2010RCF interim report 30092010
Unaudited semi-annual report 2009RCF interim report 30092009